PeopleSoft is the University's financial system and is primarily used by Service Center employees. eRequest and eTravel transactions flow into PeopleSoft. PeopleSoft is also used for final transaction approvals, like Purchase Order invoice approvals. Many departments use PeopleSoft to look up current vendor ids and view basic information about purchase orders, vouchers (invoices, payments) and journal entries.

PeopleSoft requires special training in order to gain access. If you have questions about gaining access to this system, please contact your business office representative.

Please use the links below to learn more about PeopleSoft.

Link Format Description
Basic PeopleSoft Inquiry pdf PeopleSoft inquiry training for new users
Advanced PeopleSoft Inquiry pdf PeopleSoft inquiry training for advanced users
PeopleSoft Voucher Approvals pdf instructions for approving blanket order and >$5k PO invoices in PeopleSoft
YouTube video video guide to invoice approvals in PeopleSoft
Logging onto OSU network via VPN pdf instructions for accessing OSU network via VPN to view copies of PO invoices in PeopleSoft or the Controller's Office Website (For off-campus offices not currently on OSU network)

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