Contract Templates

What is the difference between proposals, grants, contracts and agreements?

A proposal (invited or competitive) is a plan for a project that you submit to a potential funding source. It usually includes a brief project overview, justification, objectives, desired outcomes and a budget. (We write proposals)

A grant is what the funding source gives you when they choose to fund your project. (We receive grants)

Grants usually result in some kind of formal document - a contract, Memorandum of Understanding or an agreement - that specifies the terms and expectations of the grant for all parties involved. Contracts, agreements and MOUs are each legally binding. When OSU signs contracts and agreements we are making a promise to do something in exchange for some kind of compensation. Any contract, agreement, MOU or other document requiring signature must be forwarded for central review of all language, terms & conditions and to determine appropriate signature. Please email to Angie LeMaster.


Templates for External Extension Partnerships     

Memorandum of Understanding

Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) formalize a working relationship between Extension and a community organization. If the organization has no agreement already written, this template can be used to satisfy conditions of both OSUE and the organization.

     Every MOU should:

  • Identify specific beneficial ways to work together

  • Be stated in simple, straightforward terms including payment for services or at zero cost

  • State a specified period of time with a start and end date.


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