Funding Opportunities

Internally Funded Grants

OSU Cares Grants - Internal funding opportunity

OSU Office of University Outreach and Engagement


Externally Funded Grants

CFAES Grants Development Support Unit list of funding opportunities

Environmental Protection Agency

Kellogg Foundation

USDA National Institute for Agriculture funding opportunities

InfoED SPIN Funding Search

Ohio State utilizes InfoED SPIN to assist in funding searches and alerts. The InfoEd Global suite of products includes: SPIN, a searchable funding database; GENIUS, a tool for creating profiles; and SMARTS, a tool for setting up customized email alerts.

All discretionary grants offered by the 26 federal grant-making agencies can be found on There are several ways to search the database, from simple keyword searches to searches by agency to more detailed inquiries.  

Questions about external funding

If I seek money from External funded projects will my current funders use as a way to reduce the amount they appropriate?

It is unlikely. When funders ask you how you are using their funds, you explain that that it is being used as it has always been used - supporting programming efforts. Programming is better funded when you recover costs from an externally funded project. What might appear to be an unexpected windfall, are actually the recovered costs your office incurred doing a program another agency wanted done that exceeded what could be done with existing funds alone. It is a win-win situation for everyone. Talk to funders about how you have leveraged their dollars with externally funded programs. 


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