Salaries for Project Personnel

Salaries for Project Personnel

This page talks about the process after a budget has been determined and costs have been allocated. This assumes you have already worked with personnel to gain their participation in the project. 

Placing people on and off projects is the responsibility of the contract or grant Principal Investigator. 

Types of Appointments

  • Direct Appointment 
  • Release Time
  • Cost Share


For Non OSP projects, simply work within your unit to complete an HR Action Request to move someone from one fund to another. 

For OSP Projects

Extension Units: complete the Release Time and Cost Share Form to bill the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) project. Then email the form to Angie LeMaster.

CFAES Units: complete the Release Time and Cost Share Form to bill the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) project. Then email the form to Bob Oyer.


Job Postings: Position postings are required to be final approved and on the service center work list at least three business days prior to the job data deadline. This means the HRA must be initiated, have approvals at all levels including the final approval by the HRP and college Ad Hocs, and be submitted to the service center work list by Friday of the week prior to the required posting week.  See or

Chartfield Changesmust be submitted and into the service center at least three business days prior to DBT deadline. DBT = Department Budget Table 

Prior Period Changes: must be submitted and into the service center at least three business days prior to DRD (PET) deadline. DRD = Direct Retro Disbursements

Release Time

When an individual is placed on a project to be paid by the sponsor it usually releases funds from their original funding source to be used for other purposes. This is called release time.

For direct appointments such as support staff the released dollars simply stay in the fund they would have been paid from. No transfer of released funds occurs, money is just saved. 

For appointments that are centrally funded in whole or in part such as Extension Educators the money is saved/released from a fund that doesn't belong to the unit that is participating in the project and therefore the proceeds must be allocated manually in order for the Unit to have access to them. This PowerPoint presentation explains this process in detail. 


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