Extension checking account authority

Extension checking account authorizations and eReports responsibilities

The college is required to maintain a list of those individuals with delegated responsibilities. This includes system delegations (such as eRequest approvals) as well as out of system delegations like Extension checking account signers, reconcilers and eReports monitoring. Please take a few moments to complete these two steps for your unit. 

Step 1 Contact Bank: Please take a moment to call the bank to confirm the names of the individuals currently permitted to sign checks for your account. This call will likely need to be placed by a check signer on the account. Take this opportunity to update the records with the bank if they are not accurate. 

Step 2 Complete the following survey by May 31st. The information provided here should match what is on file with the bank. 

Questions? email Jesse Buxton

Basic information
Checking account responsibilities
This is the person that does the primary reconciliation of the bank statement, comparing to the receipt ledger and tracing all written checks to the bank statement.
eReports responsibilities
This is the individual responsible for downloading the monthly eReports and tracing to needed documentation.
This is the individual responsible for reviewing the reconciliation of the eReports, reviewing selected transactions for documentation and monitoring budgets for the unit.
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