Convenience Orders

Convenience orders are purchase order numbers that are shared by the University. They are assigned annually (each fiscal year) and are for very specific commodities but can be used with any vendor. It appears fourth on the Procurement Decision Tree.

Convenience orders allow for payment by check directly to the vendor with no pre-assigned PO number.

When entering an eRequest there are two ways that you indicate you want to use a convenience order number. 

Convenience Order Tools Format Description
Convenience Order Training pdf comprehensive training slides
YouTube video audio-visual companion to training slides
Convenience Order List pdf description of current convenience order numbers available to make direct payments
Convenience Order Job Aid pdf instructions for entering convenience order purchases in eRequest

4-H Background Check Reimbursements

4-H Volunteer Instructions for Background Checks Word Transfer to Unit letterhead and give to volunteers who need background checks. 
4-H Volunteer Background Check Reimbursement Process PDF Instructions for submitting receipts for reimbursement for 4-H Volunteer background checks.
Background Check Reimbursement Form Excel Form to be submitted monthly for background check reimbursements to 4-H Volunteers. Due the 15th of each month. 
Background Check FAQ PDF Frequently Asked Questions regarding 4-H Background Checks.

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