Purchasing Card - Application & Maintenance

Please complete this form to apply for a new purchasing card or change information for an existing card.
After this form is submitted, a DocuSign application or maintenance form will be completed on your behalf.
All new card requests will require manager/department approval in DocuSign. Approvers will receive an email from DocuSign with instructions.
Some maintenance requests will be completed without additional approval.

Each training is available in Buckeye Learn (buckeyelearn.osu.edu) and is REQUIRED to be completed prior to submitting your application for a new card. Note: For the first six training modules listed, you may search “eTravel: Traveler” to enroll in all courses at once (you do not need to take the last course listed in that curriculum, only the first six). The "Institutional Data Policy" and "PCard 1" training modules are not included with this curriculum and will need to be enrolled in separately by searching for the training title in the search box..
Card Manager's Last Name
Card Manager's First Name
This is typically the department name. The name may be modified from what is requested for unit consistency.
(if applicable for on-campus unit)
(if applicable for on-campus unit)
Individual authorized to approve applications for your department
Individual authorized to approve applications for your department
Only card managers are authorized to make purchases from Amazon with a Pcard, and this must be done through an authorized business account. You can request access to the Amazon Business account by checking the box below
The $ value of the new temporary transaction limit being requested
The $ value of the new temporary cycle limit being requested
For cash withdrawal while traveling - must maintain original receipts for all cash purchases
Default limits are $2,500 per transaction and $7,500 per cycle
Please provide brief explanation for increase request
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