Travel Overview

An individual is considered in travel status when traveling on official university business whether or not expenses are to be paid by the university.  The Ohio State University will pay for reasonable and necessary expenses incurred by faculty, staff, students and eligible guests for authorized business travel on behalf of The Ohio State University.  The university’s Travel Policy outlines the policy and processes for traveling on behalf of the university.

Travel should be planned, estimated, and approved prior to the trip.  A pre-trip travel authorization should generally be entered into the university’s travel system –


Airport Parking

Travel Policy: Miscellaneous travel expenses considered necessary for business travel (e.g. parking) may be reimbursed with the following requirements:
     1. Original, itemized receipts (or equivalent documentation) for each miscellaneous travel expense in excess of $50.
     2. Detailed description and associated business travel purpose must be documented for each miscellaneous travel expense of $50 or less.
     3. Travelers must incur the lowest reasonable miscellaneous travel expenses that meet business needs

In practice this means that the traveler should choose long term, surface lot parking whenever possible. The maximum cost permitted will be equivalent to the highest long term surface lot parking at each airport. 

Common Airport Parking Websites: